Voigtlander BESSA L

Features of BESSA L “There is no viewfinder”

Voigtlander BESSA L is a camera distinctly different from the BESSA series after that. It can be said that it is a model with very rare characteristics as a camera to which the lens for the range finder camera can be attached.

Then, how to use it, first of all, distance adjustment is done by eye measurement using the depth of the depth of field of the wide-angle lens for distance adjustment.
And for framing as well, we assume that you attach an external viewfinder to the hot shoe of the general standard.

It is a camera with infinite number of maniac usage.

Voigtlander Bessa L Rangefinder 35mm Film Camera


VOLGHTLANDER Color Helier 75 / 2.5
Koshina is licensed and manufactured.

It is called the name.
For super telephoto and super wide-angle lenses, [HELIAR],
[NOKTON] for the open F value of 1.5 or less,
Up to F2 [ULTRON],
F 2 or more as [SCOPAR],

However, the name of some lenses is not classified by F,
There are also things with the name of the helia because the lens configuration is a heliar type.
It is compact as it is a lens for range finder.
There is only 75 mm middle telephoto,
Bokeh is also beautiful and perfect for portrait.


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