Fujifilm GS645S Professional

Super lightweight medium size camera “Fujifilm GS645S Professional”

FUJI GS 645 S Professional, which was released from Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. in 1984, is in a semi format with a film format of 6 cm × 4.5 cm, weighing just 766 g, a newly designed EBC Fujinon W 60 mm / F 4. Manual focus with 0 attached, medium type camera with mechanical lens shutter.


The lens of the attached EBC Fujinon W60 / F4.0 has only a new design of Fujinon lens with a reputation as expected, and its sharpness and color are wonderful. Also, since it is a lens shutter type, it is also appreciated that it is possible to synchronize the strobe at all shutter speeds. Furthermore, ease of film loading is noteworthy, it is much easier to load than PENTAX 67, and it is easier to load than comparing with those using so-called film folders It can be said.

Why do not you put Fujifilm GS645S Professional, a camera for professionals, by your side?

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