Japansese Second Hands Camera Tour

Now many foreigners come to Japan to buy Japan products.
There are many camera shops in Japan.
A big shop is introduced on the website.
Bic camera, Yodobashi camera, etc. . .
It is a shop handling new items.
However, in Tokyo, it is difficult for foreigners to visit shops dealing small, second-hand cameras.

I will guide for cameras users coming to Japan looking for second-hand cameras.
I can introduce many small good camera shops.

1. Shinjuku Area
2. Ginza Area
3. Other area . . .

I will go round a second-hand camera store you do not know about.
Shops where there are a lot of Leica’s second hand
Store with medium format camera

Fee: (I can be up to 5 at the same time.)
3 to 5 people 1 person @ 7000 yen
2 people 1 person @ 8000 yen
For one person @ 10000 yen
I will show you minimum 3 or more stores.

The language of the guide will be English.
Please give me a message if you are interested.