Nikonos V (released in April 1984)-Nikonos IV-A was an AE-only machine, but with a manual added to it [13]. In addition, TTL dimming of the speedlight is now possible. Two body colors are available, orange and green. Power supply is SR44 x 2 or LR44 x 2 or CR-1/3N x 1

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NIKON Nikon AF D 80-200mm ED

NIKON Nikon AF D 80-200 mm ED

It is a very popular lens.
Speaking of 80-200 mm it is a representative lens of Nikkor telephoto zoom.
A popular zoom lens with a history.
Zoom is straight, not rotation.

This is D type.

D = Distance
Built-in encoder linked with lens distance ring,
If you focus (AF / MF) during shooting
Distance information to the subject is transmitted to the camera body side,
Thereby achieving more accurate exposure control and dimming control.
Among the lenses having distance signals,
Those having an aperture ring in the lens body are referred to as “D type”.


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Nikon F5 35mm SLR Film Camera

Nikon F5 sent out in 1996

A camera that pours out all the film camera technology that Nikon can have.
And Nikon F6 will be released later,
F5 is Nikon’s last wonderful 35mm film flagship camera.

With robustness to endure abuse,
Extensibility corresponding to numerous Nikkor lenses.
Now is the era of digital cameras, Nikon F5 which is second hand and affordable at a low price.

The operation system of Nikon F5 is basically the same as the current Nikon DSLR camera.
Therefore it is possible to use it with no sense of discomfort even by users accustomed to digital.
Even those who acquired film cameras for the first time in the second hand will not be bothered to use.
Yes, the operating system of Nikon F5 has already been completed in the 1990s.

Why do not you put Nikon F5, a camera for professionals, by your side?
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